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Pharmplex Limited, 38/40 Chilwell Road,
Beeston Nottingham, NG91EJ, UK.


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What is The Pharmshop?

The Pharmshop is the UK’s largest online Pharmshop offering savings on thousands of health and beauty products. We offer a well-informed, unbiased opinion on a wide selection of the best products found in Pharmshop and supermarkets. These range from medicines and health items to beauty products, toiletries,:

Can I trust The Pharmshop with my health?

Yes, The Pharmshop is run and overseen by pharmacists. All medicinal product orders are checked by our pharmacy team. We have implemented operating procedures to safeguard patient health. You can also speak to us or email us by contacting us anytime if you have any queries.

What is the The Pharmshop concept and commitment?

Our concept is simple. Offer the highest quality health and beauty products at the lowest possible price. We ensure our prices are the lowest in the UK through a direct operating model. This means you can buy at low prices, but ensure you are receiving the highest quality and standards. We also offer a large array of exclusive health and beauty products, new product launches and ranges from around the world. Many brand owners work exclusively with us to promote their products to millions of UK customers.

Who is behind The Pharmshop?

The Pharmshop is owned and run by UK registered pharmacists. To find out more about us click here

How do I find my nearest The Pharmshop shop?

We have a range of retail pharmacy and beauty shops you can visit across the country. Please contact us for more details. General contact information can be found under our Contact Us section. We are an internet only pharmacy, ensuring our costs are kept to a minimum and our prices as low as possible

How can you charge such low prices?

We operate a low cost operating model, dealing directly with the consumer. Therefore margins normally added onto products by middlemen and retailers to arrive at the high street price are avoided. Also being an internet pharmacy we have over 10,000 sq feet of storage space based at our central depot in Nottingham and are able to stock a wider range of goods than those available at your local Pharmplex, driving prices down further through our purchasing power. The savings we make are passed directly to our customers

Pharmplex Limited, 38/40 Chilwell Road,
Beeston Nottingham, NG91EJ, UK.

Tel: (+44) 0115 913 8204 
Fax: (+44) 0115 922 9631

Incorporation date: 24 Sep 1997
Reg in England No: 03438912