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Pharmplexdirect provides health and beauty products online at the lowest guaranteed price.

The aim is to supply cheaper products to everybody who has access to the internet and deliver those products to their door within 24 hours. Through harnessing the power of the internet and supplying you directly, this website will shave up to 90% off the cost of many well-known products found in your local Pharmplex.

Pharmplexdirect offers a variety of key services including pharmacy and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and health supplements, family planning and sexual wellbeing products, perfumes and beauty products, toiletries, electrical items, and baby care products.

The service is supervised by fully qualified pharmacists who are available to discuss symptoms and issues about medical problems in a confidential environment through email or telephone and oversee all medicinal purchases.

Fully regulated & approved by UK Government bodies

Pharmplexdirect fully adheres to the standards set by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and our service is overseen by fully qualified pharmacists. We are also a member of the National Pharmacy Association (NPA).

The pharmplexdirect.com team has developed unique procedures to allow its pharmacists to check the suitability of a medicine for a particular patient and ensure its safe delivery.

The procedures in place allow pharmacists to check over every order and ask further questions if they feel the customer is ordering excessive quantities of medication.

Pharmacists reserve the right to refuse medication if they feel the items are being misused or if there is a risk to patient safety. They abide by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s internet guidelines to develop these procedures. In addition, they offer support over the Internet to customer services teams who are trained in healthcare.

Information on the Superintendant Pharmacist and the Pharmacy can be obtained by clicking the following link:

Pharmplex Limited, 38/40 Chilwell Road,
Beeston Nottingham, NG91EJ, UK.

Tel: (+44) 0115 913 8204 
Fax: (+44) 0115 922 9631

Incorporation date: 24 Sep 1997
Reg in England No: 03438912