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Affiliate with us and earn money!

Do you want to make money from your website? Then become an affiliate and you could be earning money for doing nothing!

Your Benefits:

• Up-to-date banners, text, links and content
• Third party tracking providing you with accurate and reliable statistics
• Real-time reporting
• Monthly payments of commission

Your customers will get:

• Excellent products at very affordable prices
• A fantastic service overseen by qualified and registered pharmacists and GPs
• Industry-leading offers and promotions each time they visit your site, up-to-date with our monthly promotions

How do I become an affiliate?

Pharmplexdirect runs an affiliate programme through Silvertap.

At Silvertap we specialise in providing bespoke affiliate marketing solutions. We have been established and active in the affiliate channel since 2000 providing merchants with a premium service over other networks. Our account management is all about dedicated service and one-to-one relationships in order to build each Merchant an exclusive network of Affiliates.

From our experience in affiliate marketing we understand how to manage our client’s affiliate programmes effectively and deliver sales growth on a steady incremental level.

The benefits from working with Silvertap are:

• Payments on time, when you expect them.
• Our network is 100% free to join. We will not charge you a registration fee.
• Tracking which displays the information your campaigns need.
• Always an available account manager to discuss any campaign issues.
• The best commissions available from the strongest brands in the marketplace such as; DHL, Tefal, Halifax and Alliance & Leicester to name but a few.
• Proactive affiliate support.
• One-to-one dedicated account management.

How does the Affiliate Programme work?

The Silvertap Marketing Programme plays to the strengths of the Internet and delivers concise, accurate and, above all, useful reports on the results of your affiliate programme. Whether you are looking for simple sales or commission data, or more complex return on investment reporting, you will find the facts laid out clearly and logically within your own account section of the Silvertap website.

How do I join?

Just sign-up with, and choose Pharmplexdirect from the list of merchants on the Silvertap site.

If you are interested in an affiliate link, email campaign, sponsorship or alternative business partnership with Pharmplexdirect Pharmacy, please click here for contact us.